Business Solutions

Khadamati is a company that provides a wide variety of services. Many enterprises around the globe dream of growing up but lack the perfect approach towards this task. We form a vast number of strategies for you to understand the target customers & obstacles. Our Khadamati Business Solutions (KBS) team generates the necessary information through Research, Analysis, Information Technology, Customer experience & Planning to identify opportunities for growth.

Our Services

Business Feasibility

An Idea to introduce your product to a new market can be challenging in terms of Sales, Reaching Audience & available Competition.
Khadamati Business Solutions (KBS) team forms a concrete and thorough analysis of your objectives by coming up with a formula consisting of the five W's: What, Why, Who, Where & When. KBS helps you realize the possibility of your potential growth by conducting a feasibility study depending on the form of the project you would like to commence. We prepare an overall assessment to your feasibility study which covers:

  • Identification & measurement of all expected benefits.
  • Observation and evaluation of the risks and maintaining a risk-management system.
  • Market research to produce a clearer picture of your target audience & sales volume.
  • Providing you with perfect insights through detailed templates & modules simplifying your decision-making process.

Business Analysis & Consulting

Khadamati Business Solutions team provides you with an understanding of your company's needs. We research and analyze the shape and type of your business to come up with a better solution and an improvement to your business process. By doing a full-scale analysis to your organization, we assist you in reducing error and put your company at the right track. Khadamati Business Solutions team conducts internal consultancy to grant you clear insights to the strengths & weaknesses of your business.
We think creatively and solve issues by organizing information that singles-out all the possible opportunities and threats. Our analysis implements the following processes:

  • Risk analysis and management.
  • Business Process Improvement.
  • Business Process Management.
  • Business Intelligence.