Khadamati was established with the sole mission to create educational & engaging platforms that fosters unique bonds and unite the world of buyers & suppliers. Reaching the highest level of brand awareness was always the first goal in every company's vision. A brand that is known and reachable to customers will eventually increase win the battle. Khadamati Events team combines decades of accumulative expertise, with a Big-Thinking mentality, passion & coordination to deliver a memorable experience to all of our participants and visitors alike.

Exhibitions & Trade shows

A proper presentation or an exhibition of a company and its products is a key factor in gathering audience. By gathering audience and showcasing the power & capability of its products, a company will be assured that the probability of adding more clients to its name will have a boost. Khadamati Events team generates information through studying markets, customer behavior, and different industries to organize Exhibitions that would be beneficial to buyers and suppliers. We ensure that the best venue to hold an exhibition would be chosen to accommodate all participants.



Khadamati introduces you to a function of rich knowledge where talented & expert speakers share their entire information & expertise from working in the best & most successful companies in the world. Our team designs the conference to equip all the attendees with the tools to succeed in the business world and to provide them with a world-class learning experience. Khadamati Conferences build your confidence & arm you with the most innovative ideas and practices that impact your career growth in any sector of every industry.

Khadamati's Conference provide:

  • Splendid insights and expert advice from world leading speakers.
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers & colleagues.
  • Hands-on guidance & education about the most important topicsthat affects your growth.


An event is a function which more focused on marketing & brand awareness with a mindset of achieving sales and profits in a longer time period. Khadamati events B2B platform is for companies looking for a swift sales process with a slight focus on marketing.

Our team research all sectors in emerging markets Including:

Healthcare, Construction, IT & Hospitality just to name a few to execute a perfect business plan that introduces industry leaders to world-class suppliers with a goal of improving the economy & create new job opportunities. Khadamati team pre-qualifies all attending buyers and suppliers to determine all their requirements and meeting choices thus creating an efficient and effective platform that facilitates business agreements. Khadamati Events team connects you in this B2B platform to world-leading experts who speak about the challenges and the methods to overcome them in your industry. We favor 5-star hotels that provide closed doors that accommodate our attendees. Khadamati's B2B event guarantees a memorable experience and the best return on investment.

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